Nuovo webinar NMR: “A Practical Introduction to DOSY”

Nuovo webinar NMR: “A Practical Introduction to DOSY”

Riprende la serie di webinars, organizzata da JEOL, inerenti diversi aspetti della tecnica NMR. Nel primo appuntamento di  Mercoledì 7 Settembre alle 15,00 verrà fornita un’introduzione pratica alla tecnica DOSY.

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Abstract: Diffusion-ordered spectroscopy (DOSY) is a very powerful NMR method for mixture analysis. Unlike traditional chromatography-based methods, DOSY does not perform physical separation of the different components in a mixture; instead, different chemical species in a sample are resolved based on their differing diffusion coefficients. DOSY has found a wide variety of applications, including probing molecular interactions (e.g. aggregation, binding), signal suppression, droplet sizing and characterizing macromolecules.

In this webinar, the basic principles of DOSY will be introduced along with some practical advice on setting up DOSY experiments and basic data processing. The workshop is ideal for practitioners of NMR for want to learn the basics of DOSY, researchers looking to expand their NMR knowledge, or anyone working in the area of mixture analysis who wants to find out if 



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